Sarah Schofield - Director of Operations

Sarah is enthusiastic about working in compliance, administration, and operations, and brings with her a high level of caring about HFA and its clients. She is dedicated to provide quality service, while accurately and efficiently handling her responsibilities.

Sarah and her husband, David, have been married since 2003. They have three children, twin daughters Lily and Abby, and a son Maxx. They enjoy spending time together as a family, specifically enjoying the outdoors by swimming, biking, walking, and visiting area parks. They enjoy coaching and attending their children’s extra-curricular activities, while also being involved in various parent organizations within the kids’ schools.

Sarah graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, with concentration in Financial Services. Starting as early as high school, Sarah spent time working in the financial services industry, either while job shadowing or being employed with a financial services firm.
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